Traditional Worksite Wellness vs. MedBen

MedBen WellLiving differs from traditional wellness programs in a number of important ways – among them:

TRADITIONAL: An “opt-in” service – health plan members must join wellness program to benefit from guidance and coaching.
MEDBEN: An “opt-out” service – all plan members are considered participants in the wellness program unless they indicate otherwise. This approach allows for maximum outreach and program involvement.

TRADITIONAL: Employees complete a health risk assessment, which relies solely on personal recollection to develop a health history.
MEDBEN: Electronic claims data analysis uses the plan member’s company claims history to detect health patterns that would benefit from specialized nurse coaching.

TRADITIONAL: On-site screenings that fail to encourage action by the plan member and risk potential testing redundancy.
MEDBEN: An emphasis on physician office testing that keeps the primary care provider involved in the plan member’s progress.

TRADITIONAL: Program works separately from health plan, so useful wellness information isn't shared between the two.
MEDBEN: Complete integration with your health plan that allows MedBen to offer seamless service and higher compliance for your group.