The Consumer-Driven Difference

Employee Choice, Employer Savings

The growing popularity of consumer-driven health plans is hardly surprising. By giving plan members more responsibility for their medical costs, groups benefit from greater employee choice and bigger employer savings.

MenBen has administered CDHPs virtually since their introduction. Along the way, we've learned how to best balance health care benefits with tax-free funding options to produce the most cost-effective plan designs.

MedBen offers flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement arrangements and high-deductible health plans tied to health savings accounts. We can seamlessly coordinate payments between multiple accounts, so reimbursements are automatically made in the order desired.

With MedBen, your health plans and CDHPs are administered under the same roof. This allows better plan integration and avoids service breakdowns that may occur when a variety of vendors are used. Our CDHP solutions provide solid employee coverage while keeping your budget in line and your business financially competitive.