Reinsurance Captive

Get Money Back by Spreading the Risk

If you want more control of your health care costs – and want, in turn, to benefit from controlling those costs – now is the perfect time to consider the benefits of the MedBen reinsurance captive program.

A captive offers employers the opportunity to receive a significant portion of their annual reinsurance premiums back by spreading risk among multiple groups. You get all the advantages of traditional self-funding, including long-term cost savings unavailable to fully-insured groups.

The key to captive savings is a special “captive layer.” A portion of the captive's collective stop-loss premium is held in this layer, from which claims above the specific deductible are paid. Any funds remaining in the captive layer go back to the groups – and in a good claims year, that can represent a considerable return!

Employers looking to hold on to more of their money have embraced the captive concept. If your business is interested in making the switch from a fully-insured plan to self-funding but are concerned about taking on the financial risk, the MedBen reinsurance captive program is an ideal solution.