Doctor-Directed Worksite Wellness

“Thanks to MedBen Worksite Wellness, we’re doing a much better job of keeping people up to date with their immunizations, and we’ve discovered patients with pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. I think it’s a program that is making a positive difference.”
MedBen Client

At MedBen, we believe wellness works best when the family doctor comes first.

Many wellness programs bring in outsiders to check your employees’ vital statistics and hand out health assessments. But afterward, employers still aren’t certain if employees have received essential care or if progress was made.

MedBen chose to offer a program that involves your personal physicians, and uses claims data to detect important health patterns. With useful progress reports and online services that help members keep on top of their testing.

Our idea was simple – detect and treat health risks as early as possible. And in just a few years, employers who have put the program in place are seeing real results: healthier employees and greater productivity at a lower cost.